Product Review: Epson ColorWorks C3500

By Jerry Cohen

The Epson C3500 is a color label printer that was released several years ago but has since been discontinued. However, it was a reliable and affordable option for small businesses that needed to print high-quality color labels for a variety of applications.

One of the standout features of the Epson C3500 was its use of individual ink cartridges for each color. This allowed for more efficient use of ink and reduced ink waste, which in turn made it much cheaper to operate compared to other color label printers on the market.

In terms of print quality, the Epson C3500 was capable of producing high-quality labels with vibrant colors and sharp text. Its maximum print resolution of 720 x 360 dpi was suitable for most labeling applications and produced a professional-looking end result.

Another benefit of the Epson C3500 was its reliability. It was designed for high-volume printing and had a duty cycle of up to 30,000 labels per month. This made it suitable for businesses that needed to print large quantities of labels on a regular basis.

Overall, the Epson C3500 was a reliable and cost-effective option for small businesses that needed to print high-quality color labels. While it has since been discontinued, it was a popular choice during its time and left a positive impression on many users.

In conclusion, the Epson C3500 was a solid choice for businesses looking for an affordable and reliable color label printer. Its use of individual ink cartridges, efficient ink usage, and reliable performance made it a popular option for small businesses. While it may no longer be available, it remains a testament to the quality and affordability of Epson’s line of color label printers.

  • Jerry Cohen

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