Product Review: VIPColor VP495

By Jerry Cohen

The VP495 is a color label printer that has received negative reviews from multiple users due to significant issues with reliability, ink usage, and print quality. One user reported having worn out two printheads in just a short amount of time, having to replace the service station once, and having purchased a full set of ink twice despite being well under the recommended numbers for consumable failures and ink usage. Additionally, they changed their label design from 100% coverage to less than 40%, yet still experienced issues with ink usage.

Users have reported experiencing random bands of color in the middle of labels and general inconsistency in print quality despite trying a number of different label stocks. These issues can be frustrating for businesses that rely on efficient and consistent label printing.

Overall, the VP495 has been found to have significant issues with reliability, ink usage, and print quality. These issues can cause significant delays and problems for businesses that require efficient and high-quality label printing. If you are considering purchasing the VP495, it may be worth looking into other options with better performance and reliability.

  • Jerry Cohen

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